Foto Oberhausgut, Pinzgau

Oberhaus Farm nestles in solitude along the little forest track that leads from Gerling to Maishofen. Submontane Schwalbenwand. Since 7 generation it is owned by Franzi’s family. The last 3 generations women took over from the elderly. So did Franzi. Her husband Franz grew up in the valley of Glemm, not that from Oberhaus. He always wanted to work on a farm. That’s why he applied in 1967 for the free position as a farm hand on Oberhaus Farm. He got the job. Not much later, Franzi and Franz fell in love with each other and got married. Schnapps is made on Oberhaus Farm every year. Mostly in January when there is less work on the farm Franz is heating up the old distilling machinery. And all the family members give a helping hand. Also junior farmer Hannes, “We make Schnapps from all the fruits growing around the farm. Apples, pears, plums and rowan berries. And next year when the new barn will be ready, we’ll finally have a modern distilling hut.”, he says.

Franz und Franzi