Schloss Kammer, Schwarzweißfoto 50er Jahre

Schloss Kammer was built in 1588. In the following centuries there were several different owners. In 1812 it was bought by family Neumayer. Today, already in their 8th generation, they are running farm and inn as a family business. Since the seventies all the Schnapps making has been taken care of by farming lady and inn keeper Traude. She came to Schloss Kammer in 1969 when she married Alois Neumayer. Each winter she distilles the fruits that grow in their orchards. Her favorite Schnapps is the rowan berry Schnapps from their own trees that grow in their alley. “Even though the rowan berry Schnapps is the most work of them all cause the berries shrivel up so much. But then again“, she says, “all the family members and our stuff have to help anyways.“

Gertraud und Alois Neumayer