Foto Ausblick vom Hubgut

„The meadows you can see from here, all the way down to the neighbor, belong to us. The farm is owned by the family since 1750. And over this mountain we have another farm.“, tells Hannes Hofer. He is junior farmer on Hub Farm. A mountain farm on the south side of Schüttdorf. From there you can look far into the valley of the Salzach river, all the way up to Kitzsteinhorn and down to Saalfelden with it’s Stoney Sea Mountain.

Behind the barn on quite a steep slope grow apple trees. They were planted by his grandfather. At Bruchgütl, their other farm, mountain pear trees tower high into the air. In late autumn the whole family helps harvesting their fruits. Schnapps out of them used to be made in the old days in one of the barns. Today they are distilling in the cow milking parlour. „Sure, it’d be great to have a separate Schnapps making hut but we just don’t have enough space up here on the mountain.“, says senior farmer Andreas who is still taking care of all the Schnapps making.

Hani und Andreas Hofer